Taipan Bakery focus on single-serving pastries: small tarts, slices of Swiss roll cake, and buns with fillings like red bean, roast pork, taro, cream, salted egg yolk, and beyond. Most of them are are baked, but a few buns also come steamed, and some non-bread-based sweets like sesame balls are fried. Buns and cakes go for light, puffy textures with neat crumbs and a cake-like creaminess. They're less sweet than Western desserts and usually don't have icing or super-sweet fillings.

There's one all-important rule at Taipan Bakery: Freshness matters above everything else. We understand buns, bread, pastries taste best fresh from the oven. Taipan bake throughout the day, so our products are fresh and tasty all day.

  • Taipan has the freshest breakfast buns & bread in the Flushing area. I stop by every morning.

    Nicholas Thomas
  • I think their oven is always baking, everything is hot and fresh all day!

    Jennifer Stewart
  • They can make cake for any occasions, if you can think of it, Taipan will deliver!

    Billy Thompson